A flexible, Web-based personalized portfolio stored securely in a hosted environment, iWebfolio gives you the power to store and present a lifetime's worth of experience.

Thank you for your interest in iWebfolio, an Electronic Portfolio Management System. To subscribe to iWebfolio please click the 'next' button at the bottom of the screen. For a one year subscription to iWebfolio the list price is $45.00 USD. A subscription to iWebfolio includes all of the following for one year:

  • The ability to create as many Portfolios as you want and to selectively share your Portfolio(s) with as many people as you would like including Faculty and potential Employers.
  • 500 Megabytes of Online Storage.
  • Technical Support via e-mail.
  • Online Help and quick start guides.

If you are a college or university student who has been asked to set up an iWebfolio account for a course, program, career counseling or other use, you will receive a discount when you enter your Institution's Affiliation Code. Please refer to your course syllabus, program requirements or ask your instructor or a staff member for your Institution's Affiliation Code. You may also enquire about whether an affiliation code exists for your institution via email to support@nuventive.com. REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN IF YOU FAIL TO ENTER AN AFFILIATION CODE.
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